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Intravenous Sedation

Welcome to Dr. Giacopuzzi's Office

Located in the Lake Arrowhead Medical Center, Suite 208, the office of Dr. Guy Giacopuzzi is warm and inviting.

Bright, sunny and comfortable, with special touches like soft music, neck pillows, and even a cozy blanket, to help make your treatment as pleasant as possible.

For the comfort of our patients, Dr. Giacopuzzi offers intravenous conscious sedation. There are several situations for which sedation is appropriate...

Apprehension: Sedation is ideal for fearful patients. Many patients are fearful of procedures like root canals or periodontal surgery. Once sedated, virtually all fear diminishes, making the procedure easier for the patient to tolerate and for the doctor to accomplish.

Long Procedures: Bridge preparations and molar root canal treatments are particularly time consuming. To condense time and make the patient feel that a 3 hour procedure took only 45 minutes - sedation can be the answer. Why leave the dentist's chair exhausted when you can leave relaxed, calm and rested?

Medically Compromised: Patients with heart trouble, high blood pressure, and other systemic problems can benefit from conscious sedation. Because some dental procedures cause stress by their very nature, sedation is ideal for these patients.

What is Sedation?
Sedation consists of several medications which are given intravenously in your arm. It takes about 15 minutes to give the medications. The sedation is given slowly and "tailored" to your physiology. Once given, the effects last at a number of hours, allowing dental procedures to be performed during a "four hour window". You are not "put to sleep" but rather you are "brought down" to a point where you are still conscious, responding to commands, sleepy, but arousable. Most patients are unable to remember all the procedure. We still use local anesthetics, as well. Virtually any type of dentistry may be performed with sedation.


We ask the following of individuals who want to take advantage of sedation.

- Dress: Wear loose upper body clothing with short sleeves. Rest assured we will provide blankets as need to assure your comfort.

- Food: Fasting is not necessary but we recommend that you have a light meal before your appointment. This is important. If you have not eaten, you may experience increased apprehension.

- Medication: Always make the doctor aware of all the mediations that you are taking, even non-prescriptions drugs. Please do not "pre-medicate" yourself with alcohol or other drugs. On occasion, the doctor will prescribe a medication to take before your appointment.

- Transportation: You will not be able to drive after your treatment. You will need to arrange transportation home.

- After Care: You will probably wish to sleep after your sedation appointment. Do not schedule any responsibilities for at least 6 hours after your appointment. While you can be left alone, we usually advise to have someone with you following your appointment.