Dr. Guy Giacopuzzi DDS, for the ultimate in fine dental health. Fancy Floss: Dental Floss Device, Lake Arrowhead, California, 92352.

How to Thread Fancy Floss Photo Guide

Designed and created by Dr. Guy G. Giacopuzzi, DDS, Fancy Floss has 2 patents on its unique design.
The Fancy Floss will arrive ready to go with a 3 year supply of teflon floss in place. You will need to rethread it when the take-up reel gets full, when you replace the floss supply reel, or when the floss breaks. Here's how:
1. Begin by unscrewing the tension screw at the bottom of the device. Set tension screw aside.
2. Remove the pressure foot and then the floss supply reel. Cut floss from supply reel.
3. Unthread and remove all used floss from device and take-up reel and discard. You are now ready to rethread!
4. Thread new floss into the right side of the handle. Note that the floss will flow into a grove on the side of the handle. Continue threading into the top of the right finger of the device.
5. Continue threading new floss into the left finger and then down in the handle groove and into the hole in the left handle, ending at the take-up reel area, as shown.
6. Tie a knot in the end of the new floss. Position this knot in the "V" groove in the bottom of the take-up reel and pull tight to secure. You can leave a short tail of floss at the "V' or cut it.
7. Wrap floss around the take-up reel a few times before returning it to center holding pen. Note that the serrated end of the take-up reel remains at the top of the holding pen. Note the direction that the floss will wind onto the take-up reel.

8. Now place the floss suppy reel on the holding pen. Note the floss suppy winds opposite to the take-up reel. This creates tension and is very important. Now re-attach the pressure foot to the end of the right handle. Note that this pressure foot attaches to both the handle and the holding pen.

9. Screw on the tension screw to the end of the holding pen. You are done!
Fancy Floss assembled and ready. Fancy Floss parts.